Diageo on how to drive digital innovation

Ahead of her presentation at Marketing Week Live, Kathy Parker, senior vice president of global marketing innovation at Diageo details the four key principles for driving digital innovation.



The fundamentals of marketing don’t change but the context of our brand building is changing faster than it has ever done in our history. We focus on four key areas, which we believe are the ones leading consumer entertainment: entertainment, content, technology and data.

Be Pioneering

Over the years we have been aggressively experimenting with digital and it is our intent to be a pioneer. We want to try things and scale them quickly if they work. We adopt a real entrepreneurial approach in order to deliver break-through marketing around the world.


It is important that whenever we look at technology we look at it as an enabler. Rather than using technology for technology’s sake, we use it to underpin the big idea and to help drive deeper levels of engagement.

Be Open

Our philosophy is to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit and take advantage of the changes happening in the world. We have strong relationships with all sorts of digital experts including everyone we meet in Silicon Valley or at TED. We work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology too. Equally we work with the big players: Facebook, Google and Apple.

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