Diageo readies Guinness Mid-Strength UK release

Diageo is to launch Guinness Mid-Strength in select UK off-trade outlets next month, as part of its bid to promote responsible drinking.


A spokeswoman for Diageo confirmed that the lower alcohol Guinness, which has an alcohol level of 2.8% compared to 4.1% in regular Guinness, “will be available in select off-trade outlets from the end of January.”

The launch will allow the drinks giant, which owns brands including Sminoff and Johnnie Walker, to take advantage of a 50% duty tax discount on beers at 2.8% or below, which was introduced by the UK government in October.

Diageo’s decision to sell the Guinness variant in specific UK retail outlets echoes a similar move by the company in 2009, when it trialled Guinness Mid-Strength in 13 selected pubs, bars and hotels in Fife and Edinburgh, to promote responsible drinking.