Diageo takes responsible drinking online

Diageo is launching a website designed to promote responsible drinking called DRINKiQ.com. It is the company latest move to be seen as a responsible drinking company.

The drinks giant spearheaded the alcohol industry’s responsible drinking campaign last year with a series of high profile TV campaigns. The ads warned of the dangers of excessive drinking and the most recent executions, “Many Me” and “Mirror”, attempts to show how drinking too much can spoil a good night out.

A Diageo statement describes the website as a “global resource” to share programmes and tools designed to fight alcohol misuse. It will include an online community called “The Responsibility Channel”, where consumers, parents, teachers, government officials and retailers can post and share videos they have found effective in addressing alcohol related issues.

Benet Slay, managing director, Diageo Great, says: “There are many valuable initiatives that exist to address the issue of alcohol misuse, and DRINKiQ.com supports these efforts by showcasing them to the community and connecting them with like-minded individuals and groups.”

DRINKiQ.com will offer content specific to more than twenty-eight countries and will be available in more than fourteen languages.

Diageo brands include Smirnoff, Baileys, Guinness and Gordon’s.


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