Diageo targets students with responsible drinking message

Diageo is targeting students during freshers’ week with a responsible drinking campaign to encourage young drinkers to think about and moderate how much alcohol they drink.

'One too Many' campaign
‘One too Many’ campaign

As part of the ‘One too Many’ campaign created by marketing agency Creative Orchestra, Diageo has partnered with 10 UK universities to carry out on campus activity to promote a more responsible freshers’ week.

The owner of drinks brands Smirnoff, Guinness and Baileys seeks to remind students that drinking too much can potentially see them ending up in negative situations.

Diageo is giving students cameras at the start of the night to take pictures, but when the developed photos are returned, within the snaps students will find extra blurred images with the responsible drinking message: “Some of your memories are blurry. To ensure a better quality night, make sure you drink responsibly.”

Students’ Union bathrooms are being adorned with floor vinyls depicting someone passed out on the floor to remind student drinkers of the dangers of excessive drinking.

Curved mirrors are also being installed to reflect a distorted image and make the question if they have had one too many drinks.

As part of its commitment to promoting responsible drinking Diageo is currently trialling a lower alcohol strength Guinness variant in Scotland. Guinness Mid-Strength, which has an alcohol level of 2.8% compared to regular Guinness which is 4.1%.



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