Diageo’s Saller talks innovation at MWL

Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful company and Diageo’s global innovation chief Syl Saller, will explain how the brewer creates a culture of innovation leadership at Marketing Week Live.

Syl Saller

Saller will take to the centre stage at MWL to discuss her formula for innovation leadership and expound on four key elements below:

1. BE THE BEACON OF POSSIBILITY If Innovation leaders aren’t going to brave, who will? We need see it as our job to inspire the rest of the organisation to see how innovation can generate much needed growth, how to calibrate risk appropriately and that winners are generally those who are bold but not foolhardy.

2. FOCUS ON BEATING THE COMPETITION So much of what I hear from the marketing community at large is focused on internal battles rather than beating the competition. People who believe they can win vs. competition are highly creative and motivated. Agility is key.

3. NURTURE TALENT Talent, not money, is the scarcest resource in innovation. Don’t let truly great people go. Make every conversation a coaching conversation so that you are continually building functional and leadership capability.

4. MAKE YOUR DECISIONS BASED ON A VISION AND PIPELINE THAT DELIVERS LONG AND SHORT TERM SUCCESS I often hear this as an either or debate. The fact remains part of the innovation pipeline must deliver fast returns. Doing this well gives you the credibility to develop the longer term, game changing ideas which when successful, have even higher returns but they are hard and take time.

Marketing Week Live takes place at London Olympia on 27 and 28 June and is free to attend for registrants. Find out more here



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