Diana’s odds are getting slimmer

Having launched a book on the British Airways review, Ladbroke is making further forays into the world of advertising.

You can get a very reasonable 7-2 on Bob “Mr BT” Hoskins losing his voice (and who would argue with that); the new Gold Blend couple to be married by the end of the year is more of an outside bet at 25-1, and Yellow Pages’ JR Hartley joining the 1995 Ryder Cup team is a 10,000-1 no hoper.

In order to prevent sneaky creatives from cashing in on their insider knowledge and changing storylines, the bookie has placed an unofficial limit of ú25 on individual bets. “Anything above that and we would get suspicious,” says a Ladbroke insider.

Interestingly, the only restrictions the company puts on its bets is that they have to be in good taste and avoid mention of the Royal Family. So no talk of Diana and slimming products, OK.


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