Diesel unveils launch of first jewellery lines

Fashion brand Diesel is launching its first jewellery ranges for men and women at the end of this month. The range will be sold in Diesel stores across Europe, the US and Japan.

The launch collection will comprise seven different lines, with almost 50 pieces including necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. There are two female lines, Disk and Hardware, a male range, Tough Chain, and four unisex lines called Brave, Claw, Pivot and Electric. The ranges have been developed in co-operation with Italian jewellery houses Pianegonda and Zancan.

The jewellery is made from a range of materials including silver, leather, resins and semi-precious stones, such as red onyx. Electric cable has also been used for some of the bracelets and necklaces.

To fit in with Diesel’s vintage style, the pieces have been finished with a stone-wash and the chains feature burnished metal.

The ranges will be rolled out in Diesel’s concession stores as part of the spring/summer 2004 collection. It is not known how much marketing support the jewellery will be given.

Earlier this year, Diesel launched a baby range (MW March 20) to complement its children’s range. The Diesel Baby Collection is marketed as a gift range and is sold in pizza box-style packaging.


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