Coke eschews YouTube for Facebook for new video series

Facebook series will feature Diet Coke’s new brand ambassador Holly Willoughby in conversation with vloggers on topics including fashion, friendship and travel.

Get to know Holly and Patricia as they take the ‘Get To Know You Challenge’ in our very first Diet Coke Break. Cats or…

Posted by Diet Coke on Thursday, 30 March 2017

Coca-Cola is launching a video series for Diet Coke on Facebook rather than YouTube as it looks to “bring the brand to life”.

‘Diet Coke Break’ will see brand ambassador Holly Willoughby feature alongside a host of online influencers to cover topics such as friendship, beauty, travel and fashion as part of its ‘Get the gang back together’ campaign. The first episode sees Willoughby and vlogger Patricia Bright taking the ‘Get to know you challenge’ where they have to answer questions about each other having only just met.

Other influencers getting involved include travel vlogger George Benson. The vloggers have millions of followers that Coke says will help it reach its “loyal audience”.

Natalie Whitehead-Farr, senior brand manager for Coca-Cola Great Britain, says: “We are really proud to be launching the Diet Coke Break series and working with such amazing online influencers.

“The series will not only give fans a new way to interact and engage with the brand, but also give Diet Coke a new way to bring the brand voice to life”.

The strategy of using influncers to front a video series is one Coke has used before following the launch of CokeTV on its YouTube channel. However, Coca-Cola recently axed that series, which saw it produce a video every week. The Facebook series will have 16 parts and run until November.

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Coca-Cola is putting an increased focus on its low- and zero-sugar drinks as it looks to combat growing consumer concerns around sugar. It rebranded Coke Zero last summer to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar as part of a £10m campaign aimed at making it clearer to consumers that the drink has no sugar in it. Sales increased by a quarter after the campaign launch, according to Nielsen data.

Coca-Cola is now turning its attention to Diet Coke, which has not had its own marketing push for two years. The video series forms part of a wider #ItStartedWithADietCoke campaign, with the hashtag used across social media platforms.



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