Diet Coke launches new campaign that sees grannies navigate dating apps

Diet Coke’s new campaign ‘You Do You’ sees grannies enter the world of dating apps as it looks to target both loyal drinkers and ‘a new wave of fans’.

Diet Coke is launching a new campaign, just under three months since its last ad launch as it looks to target both loyalty drinkers and a “new wave of fans”.

The multimillion-pound campaign, created by Wieden+Kennedy London, will span TV, radio and outdoor.

‘You Do You’ includes two new TV ads that see people “unashamedly embracing mainstream trends”. That includes two pensioners talking to men on dating app ‘twinge’ – which bears a strong resemblance to Tinder – using phrases such as ‘Total Playa’ and noting that they are not “looking for long -term, am I babes”.

Tuuli Turunen, marketing manager for Diet Coke, says: “As we continue to evolve and update the Diet Coke brand for both loyal drinkers and a new wave of fans coming into the brand for the first time, we’re really excited about the launch of our new campaign, You Do You.

The campaign is accompanied by a series of eight new limited-edition can designs launched exclusively in the UK that feature popular expressions, including ‘It’s lit’ and ‘Okay, next’.

Turunen adds: “Diet Coke is enjoyed every day and the launch of the new light-hearted campaign to celebrate everyday ‘you do you’ moments from embracing cultural trends to enjoying everyday pleasures aims to encourage our fans to just be themselves.”

The fully-integrated campaign includes new TVCs, outdoor, digital, social and PR. Diet Coke has also formed a partnership Snapchat to offer users the chance to choose a lens on the app featuring one of the phrases.

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This new campaign come just under three months since it launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign to promote its new flavours – Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry and Diet Coke Exotic Mango.

In February 2018, Diet Coke underwent a £10m revamp in a bid by the Coca-Cola Company to push consumers towards its healthier options.

Since then Diet Coke sales have overtaken classic Coke but the brand is continually pushing new products and communications. This is part of a wider effort in the company to streamline innovation, producing new products and ads faster than ever.