Digital ad spend, shop footfall, video: 5 killer stats to start your week

We arm you with all the numbers marketers need to know for the coming week.

1. Video makes up a quarter of US digital ad spend

Video is predicted to account for 25% of US digital ad spend, reaching $27.82bn this year.

Facebook (including Instagram) will account for almost a quarter (24.5%) of all video ad spend, ahead of YouTube (11%), Twitter (8.1%), Snapchat (1.4%).

However, in regard to revenue share, just 29.8% of Facebook’s ad revenue will come from its video platforms whereas Twitter will derive more than half (55%) of its total US ad revenues from video.

Source: eMarketer

2. September footfall closes the quarter on a low

Footfall in September declined by 1.7% on the previous year, driven by the squeeze of increasing shop price inflation and little real wage growth.

High street footfall decreased by 2.2%, marking two months of consecutive decline. High street footfall fell in all regions, with Wales and Northern Ireland seeing the deepest declines at 7.9% and 6.1%, respectively.

Retail park footfall growth dropped to 0.2% in September, down from 0.3% in August, with the east seeing a negative swing from +5.1% in August to -5.6%. Northern Ireland saw an end to its four-month growth, with footfall falling by 6.1%.

Shopping centre footfall also continues to decline, however at a decelerated rate: in September it fell by 2.5%, compared to August’s fall of 2.4% and July’s 3.4% fall. September is the 18th consecutive month of decline.

Source: BRC

3. Marketers aren’t confident in their ability to integrate data for insights

The majority (82%) of marketers believe they have integrated marketing strategies but their efforts are not translating fully to consumers. Even with the help of agencies and other media, fewer than 20% say they are confident enough in their ability to create insights from data.

Another 78% ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ agree that it is difficult to assess how well brands perform across channels, while only 51% feel their organisation can act on real-time data.

And just 45% are still not confident their company has the optimal media mix and only 13% believe they have very integrated media strategies.

Source: Kantar

4. Consumers say environmental factors impact their choice

Retailers must listen to the 71.4% of consumers who say they consider the environmental impacts of their choices when shopping for food and grocery products.

But food retailers aren’t alone. In fact, 64.2% of shoppers seeking clothing and footwear also make decisions based on minimising their impact on the environment.

On the other end of the spectrum, 28.6% of consumers shopping for food and groceries ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’ when asked whether they consider the environmental impact of their purchases compared to 35.8% of clothing and footwear shoppers.

Source: GlobalData

5. UK digital ad spend grows by 15%

UK advertisers spent £6.4bn on digital advertising in the first half of 2018, marking a 15% growth year on year.

The display ad market saw 20% growth year on year, taking spend to £2.3bn. This growth is driven by video, which saw a 40% increase to £967m, while non-video display inventory accounted for £1.3bn of spend.

Search has grown 15% to £3.3bn, accounting for 52% of total digital ad spend.

Source: IAB