How brands are experimenting with digital audio advertising

Digital Decoded: With 24 million people streaming music and podcasts each week, there are huge opportunities for brands to target people on-the-go with relevant and timely messages.

Consumers in the UK are increasingly streaming music and podcasts to their connected devices, with 24 million people now doing so in the UK each week, according to the latest audio survey by RAJAR.

With that comes opportunities for brands to target consumers with relevant digital audio ads within playlists, radio ad breaks or podcasts, which can be highly targeted to both a listener’s interests and location.

In the next instalment of Marketing Week’s Digital Decoded series, we speak to Oliver Deane, director of commercial digital at radio group Global about how brands including O2 and Deliveroo are connecting with listeners on the go.

He says digital audio works particularly well when synchronised with out of home advertising, as it can be used to highlight specific nearby stores and local offers. People that were served a geo-targeted O2 ad, for example, were 67% more likely to go into a store afterwards than those that didn’t hear the ad.




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  1. Chris Arnold 2 Apr 2018

    Proximity Mobile Marketing (PMM) as it’s known in the States is the way forward. Smart use of technology and data. Brilliant for retail and community orientated brands. Great fan of audio advertising – far more engaging than digital ads.

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