How Firefox owner Mozilla is helping consumers take control of their digital lives

In the latest instalment in our Digital Decoded video series, not-for-profit internet company Mozilla takes us on a tour of The Glass Room, a pop-up tech store designed to help consumers take control of their lives online.

Do we all need a digital detox? Are our digital selves slipping out of control? Do we even know how our data is being used online?

Not-for-profit internet company Mozilla, owner of the Firefox web browser, has teamed up with the Tactical Technology Collective to address the issues of internet safety with its latest exhibition, The Glass Room.

Designed to look like a disruptive tech store, The Glass Room (running until 12 November in London) challenges the viewer to reconsider how the technology they use every day is impacting on their digital life.

Here Mozilla CMO Jascha Kaykas-Wolff discusses why consumers should be aware of how their personal data is being captured online, the value of a healthy internet and why Mozilla is investing more in “real life” marketing.

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