Digital Element launches IP targeting at postcode level

A UK first is being claimed by Digital Element with the introduction of its IP targeting system, NetAcuity Edge, which allows online advertisers to focus down to postcode level.

With online budgets under pressure to increase their efficiency, the new capability has been shown to drive response rates of up to 50 per cent higher.

NetAcuity Edge applies a patented routing infrastructure analysis, which standard IP targeting techniques use to approximate city-level location, with hyperlocal data gathered from a network of commercial postcodes. This is what allows Digital Element to provide postcode targeting by IP while still respecting privacy and anonymity.

“This is a watershed moment for any company in the UK interested in delivering truly relevant messages online,” says Frank Bobo, vice president, Digital Element. “As Internet usage has matured, our online advertising customers are demanding better accuracy with higher granularity – in other words ‘hyperlocal’ targeting – to enable better targeting of messages and the delivery of more relevant information to users.”

European online advertising exchange AdJug deploys the system and has reported uplift of 50 per cent in response rates to postcode-level targeted ads. “The ability to accurately target postcodes has long been a missing link in the United Kingdom,” says Satish Jayakumar, AdJug COO and co-founder. “We’ve seen first-hand how Digital Element’s technology directly impacts response levels and we anticipate increasing that response rate more by delivering messages even closer to home.”


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