Digital technologies take place on retail landscape

I don’t think it should come as any surprise that more brands are bringing digital techniques into the realm of the physical retail environment (MW 7 January). As your article points out, brand owners must take care to only use technology when it adds genuine value to the shopping experience, but this is true of any store activity.

The changing dynamics of the retail landscape are affecting the very nature of a consumer’s relationship with retailers, the way consumers shop and the way the retail environment is transforming. In the larger retail environments we are already seeing the adoption of trolleys with digital screens that allow shoppers to scan items to display product information – this technology could soon be used for location-based advertising.

These trolleys will communicate with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and electronic shelf labels, even biometrics, and link to the consumer’s shopping histories.

Other technological advances include the increased use of kiosks, location-based mobile advertising and reality applications and holograms.

We will start to see digital projections that respond to the physical movements of the audience, engaging them in true brand interaction. More than ever “digital” is part of our physical lives; with the rise of smartphones and wireless technologies, it’s also absolutely at the point of purchase.

Stephen Beasley, Head of digital strategy, Euro RSCG KLP




Seeing is believing

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Our clients have been demanding virtual “dashboards” for some time, and we’ve found them to be invaluable instruments that support a much more dynamic and focused use of data and insight.


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