Digital TV – the bespoke option

I was struck by two articles in Marketing Week (November 12) – “Digital’s changes to viewing habits” and “Rock’s road to ruin”.

The article on viewing habits concluded that “more profound viewing habits are sure to come” and I would go further and say that not only is viewing going to change, but our relationship with TV is going to change.

Music Choice is the provider of the 40 or more audio channels on the Sky Digital package referred to in the article and we know from our worldwide experience that by having genre-specific channels without advertisements and DJs, people are using their digital box to play music, using the TV screen to provide data (such as details of the song playing) and services (such as the ability to purchase CDs).

There may not be much in the way of traditional spot advertising but there are plenty of opportunities for sponsorship, brand association and transactional services.

In short, TV, or rather the digital set-top box, becomes an entertainment enabler, not just something to watch – which has relevance to the article on the music industry, because it laments the lack of choice for music lovers in their mid-30s and espouses the need for new acts.

Simon Bazalgette

Director of sales and marketing

Music Choice Europe

London W1


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