Digital View to launch in-store digital video advertising

LCD manufacturer Digital View is developing a national network of advertising screens to be installed in shops. The range of technology includes flat screens attached to the front of cash registers.

The company plans to have 1,200 screens in place by next summer, rising to 3,000 by 2003.

Digital View will be developing the service through subsidiary Brand News Network, and screens will show a mixture of news and ads.

The tills, which incorporate 15-inch screens, are provided free of charge, and participating retailers will also receive a share of the ad revenue generated by their terminals.

The company has already introduced the screens in 100 London stores, including Spar, Costcutter and Londis, as part of a soft launch.

The company claims that the existing quota of screens will be watched by about 50,000 people a day, and brands such as Twix and Smint are testing the service.

Programming consists of a series of 30-second digital videos on a loop which can be updated remotely.

James Brenner, commercial director of BNN, says: “If the temperature rises 20 degrees we run ads for ice cream. Everything is scheduled to maximise impact.”

Digital View was established in Hong Kong in 1991 and set up a UK base in 1996. The company also makes Viewrinal and Viewloo screens for public toilets.


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