Digitally savvy young still welcome DM

Young people are more receptive to direct marketing than their parents, according to a study.

An analysis by Experian finds that direct mail is most welcomed by those aged over 65.

However, the second most likely group to engage with mail are 15-24 year-olds, more than those aged 45-65.

The information services company based its findings on its Mosaic TrueTouch insight tool. The system classifies the UK adult population into 15 main socio-economic groups, 67 types and 141 personal categories.

Nigel Wilson, managing director of marketing information services at Experian, says: “At first glance it might be surprising that in the age of digital interaction, young people are so receptive to a traditional channel like direct mail but, in reality, advances in marketing technologies have increased receptiveness towards this channel.

“For example, some brands now incorporate 2D discount barcodes into material that can be scanned by compatible mobile phones. The generation aged between 46 and 64 are less likely to benefit from these advances and, as a result of being over-targeted with direct mail in the past, are more indifferent to the channel.”


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