Dim underwear to make debut in UK

Sara Lee Intimates, the owner of Gossard and Playtex, is launching French underwear brand Dim in the UK later this year. The company is aiming to develop Dim as an international brand.

The brand will be launched by the company’s Playtex division, which is run separately to the Gossard and Berlei brands. Playtex marketing director Hervé Bailly was previously marketing director for the Dim brand, but moved to join the UK division in January (MW November 27, 2003).

The premium brand, which is aimed at 25- to 35-year-olds, is available across mainland Europe. The underwear ranges are for men and women and both are to be launched in the UK. It also has a range of swimwear and hosiery, but it is not known if it will be launched as well.

Earlier this year, Sara Lee announced a three-year marketing strategy and an increase in investment in a bid to develop global brands. The spend is spread across the company’s three segments: food, clothing and personal care. It has separated its brands into four categories: “strategic investment”, “support and grow”, “sustain” and “manage for cash”.

It is planning to investment the most money in marketing the first group, which includes its Sara Lee food brand (MW February 26).


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