Direct selling cosmetic brand launches TV campaign

Vie at Home, the direct selling cosmetic brand, is launching its first television campaign as part of a strategy to modernise perceptions of the business.

The brand is the UK’s largest party plan business and employs 8,000 consultants to host direct selling events. It intends to recruit an additional 4,000 consultants in the run-up to Christmas.

The campaign is part-recruitment drive and part-brand building exercise as Vie aims to change perceptions and portray the brand and the direct selling industry as “young and upbeat”.

Ros Simmons, chief executive of Vie at Home, says the campaign is about selling the experience and lifestyle of the Vie at Home brand as well as its products.

“We’re trying to change the image of party plan and direct selling, and make it a modern and acceptable way to buy cosmetics and to start selling,” she adds.

Simmons explains that the ad features four real Vie consultants to “convey the energy and sisterhood of being part of a organisation that is predominantly run by women for women”.

The TV campaign is being supported by digital and social media activity through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as an email marketing campaign inviting 1 million customers to join Vie as consultants.

The TV ad will air from 6 September targeting shows aimed at women. It has been timed to run after the school holidays to appeal to young mothers looking to earn extra money before Christmas.


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