Dirty Harry’s way to get a rise

So let’s see. We’ve got film star Ed Harris advertising Vauxhall cars, Hula Hoops ads banned on daytime television, and the word “c***” wantonly used on the pages of Marketing Week – editor permitting of course!

So what’s next? What ploy will marketers use to grab our attention?

Is it true, as suggested in MW’s news analysis last week that ads need to disgust to get discussed? What about the old R White’s lemonade ads and the Flash ads, starring Karl Howman aka “Jacko” from Brush Strokes? More inane than disgusting, but still a topic of conversation.

The Diary’s only worry is that, before long, Clint Eastwood will be wheeled out to sell us Viagra or Stannah stairlifts. The Diary can see it now: “Go ahead punk – buy a Stannah stairlift and make my day.”


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