Disney and Tesco to promote fruit for kids

Disney and Tesco have teamed up to launch special packs of fruit designed to promote healthy eating to children.

The packs will carry Disney stickers, giving children the chance to win Winnie the Pooh-branded lunch boxes. It is hoped that the promotion, which will be carried on packs of apples, pears, Caribbean small bananas and seedless grapes, will encourage children to eat more fruit.

The promotion follows increasing concerns about rising obesity levels among children. A Tesco/ NOP survey of children has found that few children eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day or do enough exercise.

Tesco produce marketing manager Christy Van Maanenberg says: “Tesco has a track record of encouraging healthy eating among our customers, and we recognise that we have to take some responsibility for encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables.”

The promotion, which runs through to September, is supported by a full-colour page ad in Tesco’s Computer for Schools mailing and a leaflet in the Tesco Kids Club magazine.

It is not the first time Disney has been involved in a promotion of this nature. In 2001, it teamed up with Waitrose to launch a range of Disney-branded packets of fruit, each containing a small gift (MW November 5, 2001). The supermarket has since stopped selling the packs.


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