Disney Channel hires QVC rival

The Disney Channel UK has appointed Mike Spencer, marketing manager of rival cable TV channel QVC, as marketing director, in preparation for its launch on October 1.

This latest appointment will force The Disney Channel to speed up its decision on an advertising agency. The channel is understood to be looking at two agencies. It may make the appointment without a creative presentation.

Spencer is the second top executive to join TDC from QVC. Last month, Tim Richards was appointed director of operations and production.

He was head of broadcasting at QVC.

In May, TDC also appointed Tom Wszalek as managing director and John Keeling as director of programmes to spearhead the channel’s launch in the UK


TDC will be an exclusive family entertainment service on BSkyB – broadcast for 16 hours a day.

The channel will have a mix of Disney programming, from pre-school shows to classic animation and family movies.