Disney, Tesco and Lego are among top performing brands in mobile

Disney, Tesco and Lego rank top of the list in a new mobile audit administered by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), as brands are increasingly improving their mobile optimisation.

Research released today (31 March) showed that Disney, Tesco and Lego scored among the highest out of 250 UK brands for mobile optimisation across their websites and apps.

Brands were given a score based on 10 mobile KPI’s. The study measured whether the brand has a mobile friendly site, responsive web design, or whether paid search is optimised, amongst other KPI’s.

Along with the three brands, HSBC, Vodafone, Save the Children and EE all reached a score of nine.

Mike Reynold’s senior mobile executive for the IAB, says: “In order for a brand to be classed as a ‘star performer’ they needed to have reached nine or above based on 10 different mobile KPI’s.

“We marked the brands against their overall mobile presence, which is a good indicator of how forward thinking across mobile they are,” he adds.

In general, brands have improved mobile presence across devices throughout industries. Currently, eight out of 10 of the leading brands have a mobile optimised site, half of which are responsively designed.

Across sectors, 94% of auto brands have a mobile optimised site, as well as 87% of travel brands and 72% of FMCG brands. Finance brands have significantly improved over the past 12 months. Only 58% used a data capture form on mobile in 2014, while this year only one finance brand out of those featured made the same mistake.

Retailers are struggling with apps. While 68% of the top 250 UK advertisers have an app, when looking at the retail sector specifically only 32% had a transactional app, this has only increased by 2% since June 2013.

Despite the surge, some brands still lag behind with no mobile presence. For example, 7% of retail brands, 9% of FMCG brands and 7% of travel brands still have no mobile presence.


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