Adaptavate is looking to disrupt the construction industry by developing and commercialising construction products that can be grown and then composted at the end of their life. This disrupts the conventional flow of materials from mine to landfill by closing the loop and creating a circular economy for construction materials. Founder Tom Robinson is Shell LiveWIRE’s 2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

One such product is Breathaplasta, a high-performance alternative to typical internal plaster. Tested by the University of Bath, it has been purposely designed to be mixed and installed using the same techniques as common plaster types but delivers additional benefits due to its ability to passively absorb and desorb moisture created in buildings.

The material reduces the risk of condensation and mould, improves indoor air quality and helps to deliver healthier, more energy efficient spaces. Breathaboard is the drywall equivalent and should become commercially available in early 2018.