100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Plant-based nutrition brand Aloha was launched in 2014 by extreme sports enthusiast Constantin Bisanz. The meditation and yoga fan learned from Ayurvedic practitioners in India and those principles underpin the health and wellness brand.

Aloha demonstrates its commitment to Hawaii, which inspired its name, by partnering with the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust and Maui Cultural Lands.

Head of marketing Molly Breiner says: “Consumers are looking to include more sustainable products in their diet without sacrificing on nutrition, taste and convenience. Above all, we’re aiming to help consumers live happier and healthier lives.”

The company had raised $4.5m (£3.5m) from two funding rounds by 2014. Aloha products are available at grocery and natural food retailers across the US including Target and Stop&Shop, and are also available online