100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands


Babylon Health

The Babylon Health app lets users book face-to-face consultations with doctors via a smartphone or desktop computer. They can also check symptoms using artificial intelligence (AI), ask medical questions, monitor overall health indicators (including pulse, stress and blood pressure), carry out health tests and keep clinical records in one password protected, secure location.

“The majority of digital healthcare companies simply connect people to doctors through a mobile phone. Our next-generation app will harness the powers of AI and machine learning to not only prevent ill health, but also predict it and intervene when necessary,” says Dr Ali Parsa, CEO and founder of Babylon.

Prior to Babylon, Parsa founded Circle, Europe’s largest partnership of clinicians with £200m of revenue, 3,000 employees and a successful IPO. Babylon currently has more than one million downloads, 800,000 registered users worldwide and is free to 220,000 employees on benefit schemes at 120 companies.

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