A free human resources platform for small businesses, CharlieHR automates many of the tasks that come with building teams from guided onboarding process for new hires to a time off booking system.

CharlieHR is backed by UK and US venture capital funds, as well as a roster of angel investors and in 2016 raised $1.4m (£1.1m) in seed funding from Connect Ventures and Seedcamp.

Chief executive Rob O’Donovan, chief operating officer Ben Gateley and chief product officer Tom Carrington Smith (above) have been working together for more than 11 years building a number of different companies. As they grew in size, they realised that more and more of their time was taken up “running” the company rather than “building” it.

“The more we spoke to other entrepreneurs, the more we realised they had the same problem, so Charlie is our first step on a journey to rid companies of arduous admin and give back the very thing we all need most – time,” says O’Donovan.