100 Disruptive Brands 2017

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As an alternative to expensive and complex home security systems, which are often prone to false alarms, Cocoon has developed a wireless plug-in device that works in conjunction with a mobile app, protecting the whole house by monitoring activity through sound vibrations.

If it detects something abnormal it picks up a live video feed, alerting owners and enabling them to view their home via their smartphone. Based in Leeds, Cocoon was co-founded by Don Conlon, founder of online file storage service Humyo, and fellow Humyo employees Colin Richardson, Nick Gregory and John Berthels, along with Sanjay Parekh, founder of Webexpenses.

Cocoon launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo in November 2014, smashing the $100,000 (£69,350) campaign target in the first three days. The company then secured investment of $1.3m (£900,000) from Breed Reply Investments, before closing a $3m (£2.08m) seed investment from Aviva Ventures and Breed Reply Investments in December 2015.

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