100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Digital technology has given rise to a global community of football fans who constantly talk about the game online and seek new, innovative perspectives on the sport they love.

Copa90, a football website and YouTube channel, is tapping into this demand for edgy, fan-centric content that differs from the standard fare pushed out by major football broadcasters and rights holders.

Founded in 2012 by digital studio Bigballs Media, the brand has attracted a strong social media following and more than one million YouTube subscribers by focusing on niche, original content. This includes collaborating with football fans to tell their stories in their communities and outside stadiums, often reporting from lesser known clubs and leagues around the world.

Last year, YouTube backed Copa90 with an outdoor advertising campaign similar to previous ads for Zoella and the SlowMoGuys. Copa90 is also working with a range of advertisers to produce native content for brands such as HTC, Nissan and Adidas.

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