100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Chinese drone manufacturer DJI Global was founded in 2006 by Frank Wang and last year received investment that valued the company at $10bn (£6.9bn).

It claims to own 70% of the consumer drone market and its drones can shoot video footage from around 400 feet off the ground. Brand collaborators include Lufthansa, which will use it to inspect wind turbine blades.

Its latest product, the Phantom 4, launched in March 2016 and has a 4K camera that can sense objects around it to avoid crashing.

The consumer market for drones is expected to grow to a value of $21.5bn (£14.8bn) by 2022, according to Wintergreen Research, but Wang believes their potential goes far beyond people shooting videos, calling them “a platform for unbounded creativity across film-making, search and rescue, energy infrastructure and more”.

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