100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



In October 2015, Disney Accelerator, the media giant’s startup incubator programme, selected wearables company Emotiv to join its community for three months, working from its California headquarters with access to Disney’s creative expertise and resources.

Emotiv stands out because it makes wearables not for the body but for the brain, developing headsets that track brain patterns and allow users to control virtual and physical objects with thought.

Its first generation headset, for example, has been adopted and used in more than 100 countries across different applications, such as analysing consumers’ decision-making processes when in-store.

Other developments are related to gaming, interactive television, market research and medicine. The San Francisco-based company was co-founded by technology entrepreneur Tan Le and scientist Dr Geoffrey Mackellar, and is funded by $1.6m (£1.1m) Kickstarter funding.

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