100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Contactless payment is a burgeoning area, with UK shoppers making more than one billion contactless purchases on credit and debit cards in 2015, according to the UK Cards Association, and numerous wearable technology devices now offering contactless payment capability.

Sthaler has tapped into this demand, working with Hitachi to develop FingoPay, a biometric device that allows people to pay using their finger.

Sthaler, formed in London in 2012 by music industry entrepreneur Nick Dryden, was born out of the desire to develop cashless payments for festival-goers. FingoPay uses a unique finger vein ID process considered to be more secure than fingerprint readers.

The technology is already used to secure 80,000 ATMs in Japan and by Barclays in the UK for commercial clients. The technology is now being rolled out to UK consumers with partners Worldpay and Hitachi