100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Gamee is a social gaming network on a mission to make games easily embeddable, playable with friends and shareable across all social environments. With four million monthly active users it was one of the 10 launch partners of Facebook Instant Games. Since launching in late 2015, it has released over 60 original games, seeing more than 150 million gameplays a month.

Although there are many gaming companies producing HTML5 games, Gamee claims to be the only platform making games shareable and embeddable across social platforms and messenger services. Prior to Gamee, CEO and founder Bozena Rezab was responsible for YouTube monetisation and managed the roll-out of brand advertising across 14 European markets.

Global brands and influencers have launched games on the Gamee platform as they look for new ways to engage with their audiences. These include NASA, Coca-Cola and Manchester City FC.

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