100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



While the modern economy may run off big data, businesses’ technology stacks were built for a different era. Hadean’s boast is that it simplifies the code required to run big data algorithms, so development teams can cut down the time needed to start running them at scale from months down to hours.

The simplistic explanation, according to TechCrunch, is that Hadean’s cloud-based technology puts the power of a supercomputer into one engineer’s laptop, enabling fast and low-cost implementation of big data. The upshot is to save resource for large companies and make new data science capabilities possible in small ones.

Hadean says it is working with a select group of global clients in industries such as finance, ad tech and health. The London-based startup raised $2.6m (£2m) this May in a funding round led by White Cloud Capital.