100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands


Hype Labs

Hype Labs is an intelligent framework that allows devices to communicate with each other without an internet connection.

It was founded in July 2015 in Portugal and just six months later announced the pre-beta release of its connectivity technology, which bases its decisions on real-time network data.

It optimises the delivery of data by fragmenting it into smaller packages and distributing them simultaneously through multiple available channels, such as Wi-Fi, with data encrypted to ensure privacy.

The first company to adopt the technology was document platform TopDox, which created a file-sharing function that enables two or more colleagues to work on the same document without any internet connection.

Hype Labs was co-founded by Carlos Lei Santos and Andre Francisco, who met at the University of Porto. The company recently entered a fast-track programme at startup incubator hub:raum in Krakow, Poland and is preparing to launch the first public version of the tech.

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