100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Chinese artificial intelligence platform iCarbonX has been valued at $1bn (£692m) after raising over $100m (£69m) from investors including telecoms firm Tencent in April 2016.

The platform is designed to improve users’ health through their personal data or, it claims, to “manage your digital life”, and was established by Jun Wang (pictured) in 2015.

He wants to find the relationships between human gene data, physiological traits and lifestyle to help people predict – and therefore prevent – disease.

Wang said: “The goal is to develop an ecosystem. It will be a virtual village. When people ‘stay’ in the virtual village, it will advise on how to live more healthily and for longer, including hints about what they should eat and what exercise they should take. It could tell them about warning signs before they get depressed; when they are stressed, it could tell them how to release the stress.”

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