100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands

iGrow - 100 Disruptive Brands


UN research states that crop yields need to double within 40 years to keep up with world population growth. Yet, in much of the world there are millions of underemployed, skilled farmers and hectares of underused arable land in emerging markets.

iGrow has launched in one such market, Indonesia. It is a marketplace that helps farmers use this land to produce high-quality organic food on sustainable incomes using cloud-based agricultural management software.

The software connects farmers with landowners and investors, linking them to crop buyers to create a complete farming supply chain. These connections enable the platform to cover the initial costs of growing crops, with the proceeds split among all the stakeholders.

Planting costs for a durian tree, for example, include an 18-year lease and seeds at $394 (£302) each. Trees bear fruit within five years. The iGrow split of the returns is usually 20%.

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