100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



By combining aggregated health data from sources such as wearables, apps and patient care records, Kaido helps clinicians create more personalised preventative care models.

The company claims that the average person creates nearly 1,200 terabytes of health data in their lifetime, so experts have suggested Kaido has the potential to revolutionise healthcare in terms of effectiveness and cost.

The company was founded by Rich Westman (pictured), a Loughborough University sports science graduate, along with a team of exercise physiologists, nutritionists and behavioural psychologists who have experience working with athletes from some of the largest professional sporting clubs and institutions in the world.

Set up in 2015, current clients include RWE, npower, as well as a number of NHS Trusts and SMEs across England. Kaido is also a UK managed partner of tech giant Microsoft, after graduating from its Internet of Things and Data programme in 2016.