100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands


Padang & Co

Singapore-based innovation catalyst Padang & Co works with businesses and governments, helping them to connect, create and innovate. In February this year it partnered with Unilever to launch Level3, a co-working space within Unilever’s Singapore headquarters, bringing the company together with startups and entrepreneurs to encourage innovation and create new partnerships.

Padang & Co was born out of social enterprise and technology company Newton Circus, founded by entrepreneur Daryl Arnold. He started Padang & Co with consultant, investor and entrepreneur Adam Lyle and Derrick Chiang, formerly a director at Newton Circus.

The self-funded company was incorporated at the start of 2014 to consolidate its open innovation activities, including the management of UP Singapore, an ‘urban prototyping’ community that encourages people to come together to solve issues affecting cities. Its initiatives include startup matching, hackathons and cloud-enabled challenges, designed to stimulate meaningful and effective outcomes for business and society.

Padang & Co has been growing over 50% year on year since inception, and has held 30 hackathons, 12 innovation challenges and over 100 workshops reaching nearly 10,000 participants.

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