100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



Prevention is better than cure; that is the message from London startup Thriva, which produces finger-prick home blood tests.

Users can test for the early signs of high cholesterol or liver and kidney problems. The aim is to launch tests for energy levels, vitamin D deficiency and fertility.

The health tech business’s co-founders Hamish Grierson, Tom Livesey and Eliot Brooks have partnered with private pathology labs to process the blood tests.

Consumers send their completed tests in a freepost envelope to a partner lab where they are analysed and the results reviewed by a qualified GP. Participants can log in to a secure dashboard to review their results and read an explanation of what they can do to improve them.

The company has been backed by Europe early stage fund Seedcamp and a number of angel investors, including Peter Jackson, former CEO of Travelex and current UK CEO of WorldPay.