100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



‘Agtech’ startup WeFarm has passed the 100,000 users mark for its peer-to-peer platform that enables small-scale farmers living in remote areas and without access to the internet to share information.

The service is used by farmers in Kenya, Uganda and Peru and provides problem-solving advice and new ideas to help them meet the food supply chain needs of their global customers.

A farmer sends a question via a free SMS to WeFarm and the answers are crowdsourced using machine learning technology that connects incoming questions to users with the knowledge.

WeFarm founder Kenny Ewan wants to have millions of small-scale farmers connected via the network within five years.

He has raised $4.7m (£3.6m) in three rounds of funding, including most recently £1.3m last November from venture capital firm LocalGlobe, which specialises in seed and impact investments. LocalGlobe has also provided past funding for brands such as Lovefilm, Zoopla and TransferWise.

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