100 Disruptive Brands 2017

Disruptive Brands



This new London-based mobile brand is tapping into demand for budget smartphones that have tighter privacy controls over apps.

Launched by former Motorola general manager Nick Muir and marketing director Victoria Denman in August 2015, the focus is on keeping costs low – they developed the product for “less than a million”, according to an article in The Telegraph.

The phones are sold online only, the brand does not advertise and claims handsets sold out within three days of launch. WileyFox – which looks high-end, but costs £129 for the basic Swift model or £199 for the Storm – has also developed an operating system using new open-sourced software called Cyanogen to offer a customised experience.

People can choose themes for their apps, sort photos from all their devices (and remove duplicates) and filter out spam calls.

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