DM body to launch ‘scam alert’ drive for consumers

The Direct Marketing Commission is launching a consumer campaign to tackle the glut of direct mail consumers are receiving as financial services companies attempt to capitalise on the economic downturn.

The campaign, which will start next month, aims to inform consumers of the role of the DMC as an independent regulator. It deals with complaints made against companies involved in sending direct mail, emails, SMS, interactive television or mail order that are either inappropriate or unethical.

With the new body just over one month old, it is yet to record a spike in complaints, but it is gearing up to make the public aware of the risks they face in the current economic climate and the assistance the DMC can provide.

DMC chairman Matti Alderson says: “At this very unusual and unsettling time of financial upheaval, consumers should be particularly on their guard.”

She adds that the DMC aims to make consumers aware that banks and other financial services companies do not generally request account or banking details via email.

She says: “Dealings with a bank that are not face to face, such as by email, text or telephone, should be only with known or easily verifiable individuals in the financial institution.”

The campaign is part of the DMC’s efforts to raise its profile as a key complaints body for consumers and members of the DM industry.

The DMC launched last month to replace the Direct Marketing Authority, which was part of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) (MW September 4). The DMC was created to operate independently of the DMA and unlike its predecessor it regulates both DMA and non-DMA members.


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