DM has changed the way all marketers look at themselves

However, unpicking what I think was meant the declaration begins to make a lot more sense. DM, or to give it one of the titles less tarnished, data-driven marketing is the template all marketers now use.

What marketing is not based on behavioural data and is tracked against clear objectives? If there is any then its days are very likely numbered.

Elsewhere, the success of a marketing strategy has never been so easy to measure. Subsequently, the need to closely align marketing activity with business objectives has never been greater. Marketing is now seen as a revenue generator and not an operational cost. Data is helping to drive growth as well as holding those responsible for setting strategy to account – strategy has to pay.

In other words, the direct marketing way.

I mention all of this in the wake of a revealing study from recruitment consultants Robert Walters.

The study found marketers are more confident than any of their colleagues in other departments about their contribution and how that makes a positive impact to the bottom line of a company.

A huge 93 per cent of marketers confidently stated “their personal achievements affect the success of the business” – the biggest number answering yes and ahead of procurement and sales, both of which have also been able to easily see how their achievements impact profit and revenue respectively.

This is not hubris or a misguided sense of self, it’s because marketers just know. And the reason they know is that there campaigns are data-driven from targeting through to execution and measurement.

All marketers are direct marketers and that has given all a spring in their step and a focus historically less clear.



Case study: Lovefilm – moviegoers’ Mecca

Marketing Week

Online film rental service Lovefilm has put content at the core of its web presence. By creating, commissioning and aggregating an abundance of material, the brand has developed a hub for movie-goers that reaches beyond a simple subscription business.


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