DMB&B’s Allum to row his boat for a good cause

Advertising agency art directors have been known to seek a little seclusion in order to conjure up inspiration, but Geoff Allum of DMB&B is taking things a little too far. Fearless Allum is preparing to row the Atlantic, solo.

At 52, he will be the oldest person ever to attempt the 3,000 mile route this October, to raise funds for Scope, the cerebral palsy charity.

In 1971, Allum and his cousin claimed the world record for a two-man crossing, which remained unbeaten for 15 years. But he now aims to beat the east-west solo crossing record of 75 days, set by Sidney Genders in 1970.

Allum is due to arrive in Barbados in January, so while the rest of the world parties into the millennium, poor old Geoff will be sitting in his plywood rowing boat forcing down yet another vacuum-packed meal. All in a good cause though.


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