DM’s true asset is targeting

David Benady is absolutely right to say that the old certainties of advertising have been blown apart (MW January 9). However, he omits a key point.

While I agree that creativity is a key factor in determining the success of a direct marketing campaign, what about the targeting and profiling? As a direct mail computer bureau outputting in excess of 1 million records a month, our whole business ethic is based on supporting direct marketers to reach the right prospects.

A business may have an incredible offering, combined with outstanding creative but if this fails to reach the people for whom it is intended, all the time, effort and money that has been ploughed into the campaign is wasted.

So while trends and debates in marketing come and go, the basic requirements of a targeted, “clean” list of prospects and customers will always prove invaluable to any DM campaign.

Peter Kempsey

Managing director

Intellidata Solutions

London SW19


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