Do not suffer the nay-sayers

The Churches Advertising Network seems to miss one vital point – positivity. Their new campaign (MW September 13) once again seems to be all about not doing things: don’t take drugs, don’t sleep around, and so on. Perhaps it’s time they concentrated on the positive side to Christianity. Jesus didn’t come to give us a long list of prohibitions – indeed he freed us from many of the rules laid down in the Old Testament – but to show us the way to Heaven. The CAN should be telling people that Church is a positive place, that encourages people to get involved in their own community and the wider world, and to open our heart and minds to our Creator.

Rebecca Hopkins




Laughter beats tears every time

Marketing Week

Thanks to George Pitcher (MW last week) for a mature analysis of the aftermath of the tragedies in the US. If only the wider business community were as phlegmatic as the many individuals who refuse to let their lives be destroyed by the senseless and evil acts of a few. Markets have a horrible tendency […]


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