Does marketing need a rebrand? Follow the debate here

Read our Storify on the reaction to the notion that marketing “needs rebranding”.

This week’s cover feature on how brands are fighting to overcome the negative perception of marketing has stirred a heated debate on and the @MarketingWeekEd Twitter stream on whether marketing itself needs rebranding. Follow the discussion as it happened via our Storify and join in the conversation.

Does marketing need a rebrand? Follow the reaction on Storify here




The power of film

Nicola Smith

Online video is predicted to capture 32% of online display spend by 2015. Nicola Smith looks at the innovations brands are using to make their video content stand out and reach the right people

Ruth Mortimer

When the ends justify the controversial means

Ruth Mortimer

‘Homeless hotspots’ – using vulnerable people living on the streets as mobile Wi-Fi access points – sounds like something that might appear in Private Eye magazine or on satirical websites The Onion or The Poke. But homeless hotspots is a genuine initiative carried out at this year’s SXSW technology and music festival in Austin, Texas […]