DoH urges people to cut out booze in September

The Department of Health (DoH) is asking drinkers to abstain from alcohol in September as part of its ongoing Know Your Limits campaign.

Girls drinking on holiday
Girls drinking on holiday

The DoH wants drinkers returning from holiday to “make September the new January” after research found that over a quarter of holidaymakers (27%) drunk three times more than usual while away.

The Department polled over 3,500 people found some people drank 80 drinks over the course of the average 10-day holiday.

Eighty pints of beer is the equivalent of 227 units of alcohol, while 80 large glasses of white wine equates to 240 units.

The NHS recommends women should stick to two or three units a day, while men should not regularly drink more than three or four units a day.

Gillian Merron, Public health minister, says holidaymakers often “slip into” holiday drinking habits when they return but “we should try to use September as the new January and make a pledge to be a little more healthy.”



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