Dome has one amazing team

Thank you for your kind comments about the Dome hosts (MW last week). An essential element to our sponsorship deal with the New Millennium Experience Company was the opportunity for us to demonstrate “live” what we do everyday for hundreds and thousands of companies across the world. We are responsible for (among many other HR and related services) assessment, recruitment, training and day-to-day management of the hosts.

Despite working on a project that has been ravaged by the media, the hosts remain a fantastically committed group of people. This commitment to customer service has been the only facet of the project that has been widely celebrated and, indeed confirmed in a recent Mori poll that found that 91 per cent of visitors thought the staff were excellent (Disney, eat your heart out).

You only have to visit to witness the exemplary service on offer from this resilient group of people. Yet, despite all the knocking, they are as supportive of the Dome, and each other as the day they completed their training.

What other group of young people would give up their free time in their droves to support the “Singles day” at the Dome; working tirelessly as “Dome date runners” trying hard to get love sick loners together.

Indeed, the constant barrage of bad press has bonded this team firmly together. If you watched “Big Brother”, you would have witnessed scores of hosts crowding outside the set to welcome their ex-colleague back into the fold. Hundreds more stayed on at the Dome to send their good wishes by satellite link up.

Another focus for this group is the one of continual learning. The thirst to add to the already significant basket of skills is evidenced by the fact that we have supported and provided Individual Learning Accounts that have been used by more than 1000 of this group for their own personal development. The emphasis on self-development remains strong, stemming from the clear messages gathered during the initial training known as “One Amazing Week”.

These people are happy and upbeat because they know they have marvellous transferable skills and experiences that will make them very marketable indeed.

They certainly are, one amazing team.

Sarah Henwood

Marketing director


London W1


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